​The Dynamic Cybersecurity Solution for Your IT Infrastructure

Before you invest tens of thousands of dollars or more on additional cybersecurity employees or a static, in-house security solution that will quickly become obsolete, discover a vetted, evolving, multi-layer approach to network security that is highly effective and surprisingly affordable.

​Don't Play the Odds with Your Cybersecurity.

96% of successful ransomware attacks were aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. 60% of those went out of business within six months as a result.

One of the reasons current cyber attacks are so effective is that hackers are constantly altering their tactics to beat common security methods. That's why you need an evolving solution that stays ahead of the bad guys.

We have that solution. Let us prove it to you.

Give us 30 minutes to show you why our service simply makes more sense from a security AND a cost perspective. We have the team, the services, and the resources to keep your organization secure--all for less than you think.

Why Trust Your IT Network to Proact ​Shield?


​​Multi-layer Approach

​Hackers are getting more aggressive by the year. These are professionals being paid six-figure salaries to continually develop new ways to breach IT networks around the world. Our cybersecurity stack is designed to protect multiple points of entry in multiple ways.


Vetted and Tested

Our team of experts has done exhaustive research to develop comprehensive security policies, plans, and services. While any IT professional would be foolish to put their guard down, our clients have not experienced a single incident of ransomware or network security breach since implementing these protocols. It's not theory. It's effective cybersecurity at work.

​Continually Evolving Solutions

​Cybersecurity threats are evolving every day. ​Don't get hooked on inflexible security solutions with limited update potential. We combine professional accountability, research, testing, and certification to ensure we have the absolute best solutions available to tackle current methods of cyber attack. Our focus is to proactively address current threats, while also keeping an eye on cyber criminals' continually changing strategies. 


​​​Comprehensive Security

​Whether you have 5 endpoints or 5,000, our security ​stack ​is comprehensive, completely scalable, and customized to your network's architecture.

  • Managed Advanced Endpoint Protection
  • ​Network Access Controls
  • IT Security / Acceptable Use Policies
  • ​DNS Security and Filtering
  • ​​Internal Network and Threat Assessment
  • ​​Managed Next-Gen Firewalls
  • ​Comprehensive ​​Encrypted Backups
  • ​​Security Awareness Training
  • ​​​Dark Web Monitoring
  • ​​​SOC / SIEM Solution
  • ​​Vulnerability Testing (Phishing, Penetration Tests)
  • ​​​White-Listed Patch Management

​To learn more about our managed services IT consulting and support, visit our main site at proact-it.com

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